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Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes Attorney for Clients Across Alabama

Criminal Law Attorneys – Knowledgeable & Experienced Defense

At Boles Holmes Parkman White LLC, our knowledge of the law is vast and our experience is deep. Over the last forty years, our criminal defense attorneys have defended clients in the most high stakes and high complexity federal criminal cases. In fact, our own Jim Parkman was the lead attorney in the largest accounting fraud case in American history. When Alabama’s HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy needed a defense attorney to protect his rights against the United States Federal Government, he called on Mr. Parkman and his team of legal professionals. Mr. Scrushy chose well. As a result of a sophisticated and aggressive defense against federal accounting fraud charges, Mr. Scrushy was acquitted of all 36 charges brought against him in the 2.6 billion dollar case. If you face any federal criminal charges, we will use the same dedication to your rights that Mr. Scrushy enjoyed. We will not let federal prosecutors intimidate you or federal law enforcement officials violate your rights.

Federal Crimes Lawyer; Comprehensive Criminal Defense in Alabama

There is no area of federal criminal law in which we are not experienced. Contact us for experienced, diligent, and aggressive legal defense in Alabama. We are particularly experienced defending clients who face charges related to the following:
  • Federal white collar crimes like fraud, embezzlement, and insider trading
  • Federal drug crimes like international drug trafficking or moving drugs across  state lines
  • Federal weapons charges such as illegal transport of guns and federal crimes committed while in possession of a gun
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime or charges related to RICO
  • Federal crimes involving the Internet: sex crimes, fraud, computer hacking, and others
Contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin—immediately—formulating a strategy for your defense against federal criminal charges. The U.S. Department of Justice will bring considerable resources to bear in your case. We will respond. Aggressively. Throughout Alabama, criminal defense attorneys at Parkman & White, LLC will protect your rights. Federal criminal cases require particularly skilled and experienced attorneys. Contact the Birmingham federal crime lawyers at Boles Holmes Parkman White LLC today for a free consultation.