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Civil Law Suits

Civil Lawsuits Attorney – We Assist Plaintiffs and Defendants

Attorneys Litigating in the Civil Courts of Alabama

Have you or a loved one been injured?  Are you in a dispute and need legal representation?  Have you been sued?  Are you looking to file a lawsuit?   Do you have secret inside knowledge of fraud against the government, but are afraid to report it?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, an attorney at Boles Holmes Parkman White LLC can help.  Whether your case involves a business dispute or a wrongful death, whether you were in a car wreck, or you are a whistleblower, you need a lawyer to protect your best interests.

Our civil attorneys will provide a free evaluation of all personal injury cases.  We will review cases involving wrongful death, car wrecks, products liability, nursing home abuse, on the job injuries, and other personal injury cases.  We will evaluate the facts of the case, as well as your injuries and make a recommendation as to whether we believe you should file a civil lawsuit.  We will also negotiate on your behalf, and if necessary, try your case in a court of law.


Our legal team has business school graduates with real world business experience, as well as extensive courtroom litigation experience.  If you are in a business dispute such as a breach of contract, violation of a non-compete, or allege interference with a business relationship, contact our legal team to advise you.  We also counsel those with knowledge of government fraud of how to become a whistleblower and take advantage of the benefits and protections of being a whistleblower.  Whether you are the Plaintiff, or have been sued yourself, contact Boles Holmes Parkman White LLC to discuss your business litigation needs.